HLC Accreditation Student Survey

Complete the questions below to be guaranteed a prize!  
P.S. All answers are available at http://www.svsu.edu/hlc/faq/
1.Saginaw Valley State University will be reviewed by the Higher Learning ___________________ of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.  This is a voluntary process that SVSU first completed in 1970.
2.The HLC will be on campus for the site visit on:
3.The accreditation process is important to SVSU students.  Which of the following are NOT among the reasons ACCREDITATION MATTERS?
4.Accreditation aids in faculty and staff recruitment and signals the ______________ of our graduates:
5.SVSU has been preparing for the 2014 HLC Accreditation visit since:
6.Where can I find the SVSU Self Study Report on the SVSU website?
7.Which of the following are considered University stakeholders?  Check all that apply.
8.The accreditation is based on our meeting five broad areas called Criteria.  Which of the following is NOT one of the five criteria?
9.Accreditation means that SVSU meets or exceeds the criteria established by HLC (listed above in question #8) that evaluate how effectively our programs, processes, and resources fulfill our institutional mission.
10.We are confident that we will be re-accredited by the HLC. Check all that apply.
Everyone who takes the survey will win a prize .... guaranteed!  Prizes include restaurant gift cards, gas cards, movie passes, SVSU swag and more!
In order to win, please provide your name, student number and SVSU e-mail address.  Then watch your e-mail to find out where to pick up your prize!

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